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Fear Farm

February 29, 2012
By FoodSamples BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
FoodSamples BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence."

In the distance, tall flood lights stretched into the air, their misty rays shooting out a ghostly welcome. Loud music pounded our ears as we stepped outside the safety of the little car. Shouts and screams chorused from the depths of the mysterious park. The entrance, tall and stone, was guarded by a huge winged beast, smoke pouring from its mouth and twisting violently in the cold air. Just below was a rotting, old sign reading the words that had echoed through my mind so many times before. Fear Farm.

“How many?” the counter lady asked us as her crying baby squirmed in her hands. “Four tickets please,” my sister said as she laid out the crumpled money. Soon enough Ashleigh, Taylor, Bess, and I were all standing at the mouth of the sinister and mysterious cornfield. Screams echoed through the stalks and far off was the dreadful and menacing sound of…the chainsaw. Ashleigh and Taylor bravely moved forward into the murky air of the field. Bess and I grabbed each other’s arms, breathing shallowly, preparing for what lie ahead.
“Let’s go.”
As we moved ahead the corn stalks grew threatening, tall, and impossible to see through. I watched as the calming brightness of the light diminished behind the stalks. The red of Ashleigh’s jacket was just barley visible though the mist. “Let’s catch up to them,” I whispered to Bess. Taking cautious quick steps, we sped ahead. Suddenly, the stalks…moved. Bess and I shrieked and stopped in our foot prints. Grasping harder onto each other we slipped past the area, stiff and shaking. I looked ahead. The red of Ashleigh jacket had disappeared into the fog. “Ashleigh?” I whispered over the howl of wind. A cold minute of silence filled the air. Crack. Bess and I took off running at full speed, our hearts beating at incredible speeds. We reached a dead end and caught our breaths. My heart pounded in my ears. Bang!
Bess let out a blood curling scream and we twirled to face our fear. Darkness stared back at us its cold fingers brushing against our faces. I breathed out a sigh of relief when it vanished into the air. “Alright,” I said trying to muster as much courage I could into my trembling voice, “sitting here and cowering in the darkness is not going to get us anywhere.” End in mind. End in mind. I thought to myself. I tried desperately to swallow down the fear that was climbing up my throat. “There has got to be an exit somewhere, so I say we find it and we find it fast.” Bess nodded. We grabbed arms and set off into the unknown depths of the maze.
Step by step, I grew more and more comfortable with the darkness around me. It twirled and floated around us, giving us something to get our minds off the danger that lay ahead. Crack. Bess whimpered a little but I pushed her forward. “It’s just our imagination—“The stalks behind us rustled with such force wind could never make. I stared at it. This is it. I thought to myself. The final section of the maze.
Suddenly, a loud deep battle scream pierced the air, the calm darkness around us exploding into a hurricane of smoke and thunder. A man, six feet in the air, emerged from the stalks holding a blood-dripping… chain saw. The foul smell of gas filled the air. Bess let out a scream of pure horror and ran, slipping her arm out of mine. I stared at the man, in awe of how real he looked; or maybe, how real he was. He shuffled over to me moaning a deep moan from the bottom of his throat. I took a step back. The uneven floor grabbed my foot and pulled me down. I scooted back, my heart racing as he began to advance in the direction towards me. I jumped to my feet, and took off running. End in mind. The loud whirring of the deadly chain saw didn’t lessen as I ran away. I looked over my shoulder. The strange man was chasing me! I let out a horrified scream as I pushed ahead. End in Mind!
Clowns, their ghostly white faces and painted on smiles, came up to me and laughed their cruel and vial laugh in my face as I ran. The world began to spin around me. The sounds of my nightmare were all rushing to my head making me want to explode. Just as I was about to break and give up my fight for survival, I saw it. Light. A bright golden stream of light was cutting through the tall stalks, reaching out its warm fingers trying to reach me. The screams and laughs behind me increased but I pushed ahead, a new sense of determination filling my heart.
“End in MIND!”

I burst though the exit, panting but alive. I put my hand on my heart and felt the rapid beats begin to slow. I was free. Boom!

Bess, running at full speed crashed into me. We tumbled to the floor and finally came to a stop. Her hair was frizzy and tangled and her eyes looked a bit blood shot. But I’m sure but the way I felt I looked the same. “Where were you?” Ashleigh and Taylor said from behind us. Bess and I screamed.

The author's comments:
This is a Personal Narrative English assignment about how I went to Fear Farm.

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