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His Fingerprints Are Everywhere...

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

“His fingerprints are everywhere, I just slowed down to stop and stare. Opened my eyes and man I swear, I saw God today.” A number one hit single of today’s country music by George Strait. It’s a song hitting home in everyone’s heart. It’s a song that explains our lives of how everyone is faced with the decision of Heaven or Hell.
When I was in the first grade I was becoming more aware of this “Jesus” guy everyone talked about. Every Sunday my parents would dress me up, take me to church, and I would have to listen to a teacher talk about "Jesus". At first I didn’t' quite understand the stories I was hearing, but one day it just, clicked.
It was mid-September when I was outside playing in my backyard. I got a feeling inside of me. Not a sick to your stomach feeling, but a sensational feeling! A feeling that was quickly overwhelming me. My Sunday school teachers always said "Jesus" would knock on your heart when He was ready to come, and it was true! I could feel Him knock on my heart. I ran inside calling for my dad. I told him what had come over me and he was more than thrilled to hear the news!
The following Sunday my dad and I walked down the aisle and I talked to the preacher. He asked me if I understood that this "Jesus" died for my sins so I could have the gift of life. I agreed that I understood and the pulpits full of people went wild! Every old lady and man hugged me, congratulated me, gave me advice, and I was taking it all in!
After I had told our pastor that I wanted "Jesus" in my heart, I was baptized. I wore a long, white robe and was dunked underwater. The preacher said I was being "reborn" with my new life as a Christian.
Although I was young when I became a Christian I still had a lot to learn about this "Jesus". As I became older though I realized this "Jesus" wasn't just anybody. He was Jesus. Our Savior, Master, and so much more. Jesus has a plan for my life, and he told me that when I felt him knocking on my heart. I'm 16 now and Jesus has done so much all ready in my life. If He can change this small town girl's life, then He can change anyone’s.

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