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To Amanda

May 6, 2008
By Anonymous

My friend, Amanda W, otherwise known as Amanda in Pajamas, a name which was affectionately given by me, is exceptionally different. No matter what, she always amazes me. She is about 5’7”, with a brownish color hair that is surprisingly hard to place. She has slate blue eyes, and is always wearing a smile. She is very relaxed, yet exceptionally hyper at times. She walks with her hands in her pockets, unless she is talking with them. She is that person that loves to skip, yet gets hurt every time she tries.
She speaks very fluent English, using words that are not common where she lives. One would say she has a very British influence on her speech, and although she has never exactly been to England, one would assume she must have been there at one point. Her speech is fun, and very enjoyable. She is the only person I know that says ‘bugger’ on a regular basis.
I am pretty sure that she does not wear makeup, or at least I have never seen her wear any. She is always wearing jeans and comfortable shoes, and band tee with maybe a fleece over it. She dresses comfortable, like one should, and she is not out to impress anyone with her looks. She is very outgoing when she wants to be, and has a brilliant mind. She carries around a little notebook in which she writes down things she likes, or needs to remember, as if she were studying life itself. It is a very interesting habit.
She is also one of the few friends that I have with fetishes. She has a fetish for Doctor Who, and everything and anything that goes along with it. This is including David Tennant, the ’fox’, or as I call him, ‘sexy beast’ of a man that plays the Doctor.
She has this thing about writing, she was always a writer. She writes this, and that, and just about everything in between. Some of the things that she writes about scare me, some things shock me, some of them even perhaps traumatize me, but I must blame her source for that.
She is musical. She is like the biggest music fiend I know. She is addicted to music, and rarely am I ever able to introduce her to a song she hasn’t heard. She listens to music with a passion that one rarely sees.
In other words, Amanda is a refreshing bottle of water among the desert of life. She is lemon meringue, amongst an ocean of cherry pie. She is a 2 dollar bill in the current currency system. She is an amazing sample of humankind, worthy of praise in this work. She is Amanda.
She giggles as she attempts to skip down the hall, once again, showing her resilience to do the things that she finds entertaining, as painful as that they might be. She hurts her ankle. She shrugs it off with a giggle. We walked around the school together for the entire break. Discussing this and that, whatever floated our boats at the current moment. Randomness, music, whatever happened to be there. We were always with other people, no, she wouldn’t trust just me alone.

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