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August 29, 2013
By JustAnotherFairy BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
JustAnotherFairy BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
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You wake up in the morning to that typical first day. It's your freshman year. Oh, how happy you are you're gonna start the best and the worse four years of your life with your bestie. You're practically spitting rainbows now.

At school, everything feels new, exciting, and, at the same time scary, but it'll be okay. You are not alone, your friend is there with you, and that brings a smile to your face.

Many of the students you see are familiar. They joke around and laugh, they stand by talking and catching up, they read, they do nothing at all. Another day in paradise. Then they walk in.

You don't hate them. Sometimes you wish you could be more like them, actually. The moment they set foot on the school, they are determined to conquer it, and since no one else seems interested in doing so, nobody complains.

As the weeks pass, you often catch your friend hanging out with them, 'Popular group'. It's weird because, seriously, what would they talk about? A party? Guys? Then why not talk about that with you? The thought of bringing up your concerns crosses your mind, but then you realize you'll only sound like a controlling silly girl. No, everything's okay. It will get better.

Sadly, most of the time, it doesn't.


Being in high school is hell and heaven. It is light, and darkness. It represents all the good things in life, and your worst nightmares too.

I've always wondered if it's in the genes wether you'll be a loner, a reader, a jock, the clown, a cheerleader... We fall under this labels that cage us, as if we can't hope to be more than just that. We're told how we should dance. They give us the moves and we follow through them like mindless zombies. And why do we do this? Why do bullies exist? Why do we let things like friends abandoning us, happen? Why do we abandon our friends?

Because we choose the easy way. We don't fight. We think the world hates us when, in fact, it loves us. It wants us to love it back.

Get over it pals: Each of us is different, in our own freakishly awesome way.

I'm a human
I'm a girl
I'm a student
I'm a teenager
I'm a loner
I'm an avid reader
I have a lot of friends
I sometimes have zero friends
They leave me
They return to steal my food
I steal theirs
I laugh
We laugh
I cry
They pat my back and then we laugh again
I write
I hit back space
I poke people because it's fun
I think poking people is weird
I dance
I'm not you
You're not me

And that's cool

The author's comments:
We, and I include myself in this, tend to live our lives following the guidelines society has set for us. "We do x thing because that's what most people do." I could've saved myself a lot of tears if I'd realized this earlier. Who gives a damn about what others might think? YOLO people.

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PLMV said...
on Sep. 9 2013 at 10:19 pm
Nice... you're a mental, by the way... that's what makes you unique. don't.ever.even.think.of.changing....ok? ☺ keep it cool ☻ - Paul.