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Abducted: A Real Life Horror Story

November 3, 2014
By OurVoices PLATINUM, Merrimac, Massachusetts
OurVoices PLATINUM, Merrimac, Massachusetts
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"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are" - e.e. cummings

Day 1: I’ve been taken. I don’t know what happened. I just went to bed and woke up and everything is different. It’s weird because they all seem fine. They’re acting as if everything is normal, as if they didn’t just take me from reality.
Day 5: I’ve been living among them for almost a week now. It’s very odd. They painted my face with some of the tribal markings they all wear; black around my eyes and red on my cheeks. I feel like my face is suffocating. It’s hard to breathe in these stupid clothes they’ve put me in. Tight everywhere and revealing. They wear it too, but it’s not like it’s flattering, or comfortable.
Day 13: Everything is just a bit hazy around the edges, probably from exhaustion and lack of food. They feed me but it’s not much and it’s never anything good. It doesn’t seem like it’s a punishment just for me though, they all do it to themselves. Nothing about this world makes any sense.
Day 21: I’m confused and I don’t know why, but maybe that’s because…wait, what? It’s hard to focus on anything for too long without getting confused. Everything is blurry and everywhere else is just… it’s not like I can’t see ok, it’s just, the world doesn’t seem to line up with what I want to see anymore…wait what was I saying?
Day 27: Am I fat? I feel fat. I hate mirrors because they show all my flaws. My nose is too long, my freckles aren’t in the right spots, my hair is just never that way you want it you know? I can’t really describe it but I know that I’m doing it all wrong.
Day 31: Ugh, this new girl came in today and she’s just so weird, you know? Like, her face is just awkward and she’s eight pounds over the limit. I can’t even. Eight pounds?! I’d rather die. Seriously though, can’t she see herself? Why can’t she just be like everyone else? Freak. Some girls just really need to get it together, you know?

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