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my Parent's Principals

May 14, 2009
By Bradley_F. SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Bradley_F. SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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Every parent has a certain way of raising his or her children, and my mom is no exception. She has lots of rules and priorities. If you choose to disobey them, there are consequences. Mother always tells me, “No misdeed goes unpunished.” Some rules are as follow: 1. No wrestling or fightin’, 2. Do your chores, 3. No eating in the rooms, 4. No playing video games on school nights. 5. No going out on dates until you’re 18 years old, 6. No talking back. Momma gets the last say so. 7. No swear words, 8. If you’re in an argument, you get in trouble, whether you started it or not, 9. Respect other’s privacy, 10. If you get in trouble at school, you get in trouble at home, 11. If you have guests and the couch is full, you have to give up your seat to the guest and sit on the floor. Saying that reminds me of the time my family hosted a Christmas dinner and the couch was crowded. My cousin Travis wanted to sit down, so my mom made me, not my older sister, not my younger brother, me, get up and sit on the hard, tile floor.

We have many rules in our house, but the top priorities in the house are the following: No watching TV before your homework is done, ALWAYS ask for Mom’s stuff taking it. This one is just for me (unfair); always maintain at least a C average. If you make a promise, it must be carried out. Absolutely, positively, no drugs or alcohol. What Mama says, goes. It’s Mom’s way or the belt’s way; and last, keep the house clean. My brother comes home everyday and turns on the TV whether he has homework or not. Mom doesn’t usually doesn’t know he does this, but once she caught him and took his television privileges away for two weeks.
Many parents punish their kids. My mom is amongst that many. When we get in trouble, our punishments are as follow: getting grounded, getting whoopins with a belt or switch, or getting yelled at, a lot! Having privileges taken away and having our bi-weekly allowance confiscated are usual punishments. They’re quick and easy for parents, but bring total misery to me.

Although I stay in trouble, I learn many things from my mistakes. Some lessons I learned on my own, but the few my mom told me stuck. Some were, “No deed goes unpunished,” “ Your actions affect more than just you” “Don’t judge others by their outside appearance,” “You never know who is watching you,” and, “Never burn your bridges.”
This is my mom’s philosophy of raising my siblings and me. In conclusion, my mom has laid down the law of the house, and has taught me what I need to know about life, and its many turns and twists.

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