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No Reason

May 17, 2009
By Kristiana Reed SILVER, Running Springs, California
Kristiana Reed SILVER, Running Springs, California
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There was once a beautiful forest. In this forest was a herd of wonderful mustangs. There were white ones, painted ones, palominos, black ones, bays, appaloosas. Every color was as beautiful as the next. When they ran, the world thundered in their power. The herd belonged to no one. They belonged to nature. One horse in particular was smaller than the others, though he was just as fast and even smarter then his father, the lead mustang.

One day an awful man named Relith, decided he wanted the mustangs for himself. He took some of his best riders and horses and traveled to the Mustang’s forest. “Only take the mares boys!” he shouted out to his men. That means my mother the little foal thought. He tried to hide his mother but he was too small. The ropers, and Relith took all the mares. The stallions were heart broken. Their family and friends had been taken away. We must run away father! he whinnied. His father nickered back, no need. We have survived here for hundreds of years. The fillies will grow into mares soon. The little foal laid down that night with worries greater than the seven seas.

For the next week or so, the foal thought his father was right...until Relith came with even more men. The little foal noticed that some of the mares the humans captured were now being ridden. The Foal looked for his mother, but she wasn’t in the bunch. “Take The Palominos Boys!” Relith called out, just like before. The foal looked at his body, He was buckskin. Then he looked at his best friend, he was a palomino. Like before the little foal tried to hide his friend. But like before he was too small, and like before his friend was taken away. He gave his father a worried look and his father just shook his powerful neck. We must fight next time! We can’t let them take our friends away! The little foal tried to tell his father. Even if there was a next time, we can’t possibly fight mankind, his sire shot back.

Little foal looked at his remaining family. Why, he thought it’s not like size or breed or even color matter. Some of us are faster than others, but we all have feelings. Then he looked at the horizon. Relith was coming again. And his group of men was greater then ever. The little foal ran to his father and tried to warn him. Despite the little foals pleas for his sire to listen to him and hide in the swamp, his sire ran with the herd. The little foal knew better to run any more. He went to the swamp and hid while he heard Relith shout “take the rest men! Today, we kill the mustangs!” The little foal watched as all of his family were taken away, even his father. The little foal came out of the swamp and looked at his forest. Something was not right in this forest anymore. The beautiful mustangs were gone. The little foal drooped his head, and headed to the meadows where the neighboring herd of mustangs were. I must warn them. I hope they will listen...

The author's comments:
this is an allegory to the Haolcaust

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