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Friends until Death and After

April 15, 2009
By Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
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Have you ever had a friend who seemed like they would be there forever and you could never imagine them leaving until they are actually gone? Something very much like that happened to me. My dog Brandy was very close to me and was more of a sister than because she was always there. I grew up with her. I felt safe just knowing she was in the house. She seemed perfectly healthy, we had no idea what was really happening until that Tuesday afternoon. I went to feed her and when she was going up the stairs, her legs shook and gave way as collapsed onto the floor. This never happened before and I became very frightened and screamed for my mom. “Mom come quickly! Something is wrong with Brandy!” When she came I herd the most horrible sound, Brandy was crying her shrieking cry pierced my heart. My parents had to go to open school night so my uncle came over to watch us. Later they came back late from the vet with Brandy. “We’re lucky. The vet said we could keep her for the night. She’s very sick and will go back for tests tomorrow.” That night, my siblings and I smothered her in hugs and kisses. My siblings left for bed I stayed with her at least until midnight, but it still was not long enough. I had school the next day and I needed my sleep. The next day I went into school early for chorus, so I drove with my dad and Brandy. He walked her to the car and was able to lift her into the trunk. I became very worried because Brandy was a 175-pound Rottweiler, and now he lifted her with such ease. I went into the car and just sat there longingly gazing at Brandy. When we arrived at school, I went to pet her and say good-bye. However, she turned away from me, all I felt was a dry, rough, almost scaly nose. I could not think at about school, at just sat and thought about Brandy during our School St. Patrick’s Day party.

After school, I was the first one in the car, and my mom turned to me and said, “Your Father and I are going to see Brandy. You and your siblings have to go to Aunt Betsy and Uncle John’s House. Oh, and Bridie don’t tell them where we’re going, okay?” I barely answered I was so scared. “Yes Mom.” When we got there, I could not concentrate on anything, especially my homework. Aunt Betsy tried to and mentioned from time to time, “Don’t worry it’ll be alright.” However, it was not. Around 5:30 pm, my parents came to bring us home. Right away, I asked, “Where’s Brandy? Is she okay?” but they never answered. This time, I said it a little louder. My voice was shaking, “Where’s Brandy?” they never answered. My mom said, “Get in the car.” I looked at my dad, he turned away. That’s al I had to see, the agony and despair inside his eyes. I knew then that Brandy was no longer with us. However, I would not let myself believe it. I felt my heart jump up into my mouth. I turned red hot with hate and pain. The tears came streaming down my face as I screamed, “Where’s my Brandy? I want my Brandy back!” I felt something on my shoulder that shocked me but it was soothing. It was my Aunt Betsy’s hand. She told me, “I miss her too. Even though Brandy was not my dog, I loved her just the same and I still do. Now I want you to do me a favor. Try and calm down and be a good example for your younger siblings, okay?” I nodded even though I did not want to try. I do not want to act as if nothing happened. To look at my dad’s face was like gazing into the pit of despair, I probably looked that way too. The next few days I felt weight being put onto my shoulders. Soon I realized it was being taken from Brandy’s and placed onto mine. Different things here and there would help not only making me feel better but all of us. One day my mom read a poem to us, it said, “ when pets pass away they still stay loyal to you and they will wait in a meadow until there nearest and dearest friend comes and crosses the bridge to the other side with them.” it made me feel better. Though she is not physically here, Brandy will always be in spirit and waiting for us.

The author's comments:
My Brandy passed away on wensday March 17, 2004. every time i read this i always wind up crying.

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dbochett said...
on Jun. 1 2009 at 1:31 am
It makes me cry to Bridg....reminds me of my dog who passed....I am sure many people can relate to your pain. You did a wonderful job getting that across.