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To Kill A Pet

July 6, 2009
By Klara_J. GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Klara_J. GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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Everyone knows how hard it is to lose a friend let alone a family pet. The pain you experience as you watch them die.
My dog, Laddie was a great dog. I got him when I was four years old.
I have so many fond memories with that dog. He would chase me around the yard and nip my but. He would also knock me over. He was great.
Some years later, a pocket of fluid began to form. One day it my mom said it was too big. We would have to put him to sleep
When the day for him to go came I stayed at home with my mom and brother. My dad was forced to take him alone.
A couple hours later we got a call from my dad saying that Laddie was gone.
I cried and cried.
Trying to comfort me, my mom said, "You could see the pain in his eyes. It was for the best."
I cried every night and still do. I will never love anything as much as I loved Laddie, my best friend.

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August 23,1999- June 19,2009

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