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Skip the Fries

October 13, 2009
By PinkCleats GOLD, Newark, Ohio
PinkCleats GOLD, Newark, Ohio
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For dieters and healthy eaters, restaurants are an enemy camp filled with sabotaging fats, salts, and sugars. This reputation is mostly true, because the food cooked in these establishments must taste exceptional if it is to compete with the many other eateries sprinkled heavily throughout America. However, it is possible to eat out at restaurants and still meet your nutritional and caloric requirements.
When eating or ordering out your main dishes, it is essential to remember several simply guidelines. First, be sure to check how your meat is cooked. Pan-frying and sautéing are both methods that use excessive fats and oils, and are better replaced with broiling or baking. Secondly, if you have ordered chicken, ask for the skin to be removed, saving lots of calories and fat. Lastly, when ordering meats, keep portion size in mind, as many establishments dish up larger-than-life servings.

Restaurants offer a wide spectrum of side dishes, ranging from a healthy garden salad to deep-fried onion rings. Always try to avoid the deep-fryer when selecting your side dishes, and go for a more healthful veggie option. If you order salad, be sure to receive the dressing on the side, so you can control how much you put on it. Additionally, stay away from the grated cheese and croutons that are likely lurking under those innocent green leaves.

Once these tips are learned, feel free to try them out yourself. Any restaurant’s menu can be altered to fit your dietary needs, and as long as you ask nicely, the servers will be sure to get you what you’ve requested. Remember, when eating out, you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle!

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