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Everyday Questions When You Take a Picture

November 20, 2009
By Cady_ PLATINUM, Godley, Texas
Cady_ PLATINUM, Godley, Texas
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"Never judge a book by its cover.", and "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." "Cherish your life." "Love equals eternity."

What is a camera? Is it something you take a picture of and never wish it would appear again? If you delete it, will the picture stay in your mind till it haunts you the next given day? Can what is proven wrong be proven right with pictures from a camera? If so, do you ache in the middle of the night thinking, what could I have done to prove myself wrong to change the future ahead when its not even the truth? Can emotions be takin' when a life is lost after a picture is amoung the friends of a non- popular person? Should people be reminded everyday for the actions they made on people such as enemies or friends of enemies? Should all be treated with disrespect when even precautions are given out by authourity? Why should people of all over the god forsaken planet suffer everyday life without being able to leave because of your parents boss or work area trying to stay off the streets? Why do people try to take power over little things not worth fighting for when of all people take responsibility that they think is right, that is slowly damaging someone elses life? May people be hurt when rumors are spreaded when it's not even about them? Some never think of what there saying till it's out of there mouth? If people were all perfect would it be boring, or would it be worse when people take actions they knew they shouldn't? When mistakes are given, why do people not even apart of things be shoved around and treated like non other than themselves being pushed around by others who either were accused or not? What are the odds people are forgiven and they react to the response when they are forgiven that they screw up and it starts to become part of everday life? Not just in the past or what is happening that second, what about the future? How do you think people feel when they're stabbed in the back over and over again? And finaaly, Where are the answers to these question's that can never be answered? Why can't people change who they are when they are screwed up by birth? If you ask some people, they will probably say it was probably inherited by the ones who raised them. Because if you ask me, that would be my answer, even if it just started from a picture and drugs don't solve anything, just face it, and start from the begging.

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