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Even Sparrows Scream

November 29, 2011
By Karles_Ivy PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
Karles_Ivy PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
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Sometimes the bully isn’t the captain of the cheerleaders or the girl who for some reason has it out for only you; sometimes the worst bully of them all is you.- Karles_Ivy

Once upon a time, in a cruel real world, lived a beautiful princess. She had long, flowing blonde hair and deep brown eyes that could melt your soul. Her name was Diana.
Now, Diana wasn’t your ordinary faery tale princess. She wasn’t locked away in a far away tower or tortured by an evil step-mother. Her kingdom didn’t thrive on riddles and magic and wasn’t full of monsters and evil creatures. Instead she lived in an enormous castle with her one and only, Prince Charming. Her parents were happily married and the rulers of the largest kingdom in Mexico. And the only evil creatures that resided in this majestic kingdom were the type that came in white powder and little blue pills.
Nevertheless, Princess Diana was absolutely perfect. She was the most beautiful, the most intelligent, and the most amazing person in all of the magical kingdom of Aguas Calientes. And she was well aware of it, as every princess has the right to be. Since the beginning, Diana was always told that she was the best and they spoiled her for it. Being the first borne daughter that she was, Diana always received her desires. Though she was wise enough not to take advantage of her parents love. That’s why she has always been so special.
Then one night, everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did. Though who could have foreseen it?
It was gorgeous night, too gorgeous in fact. This night was the night of the Prince and Princess’ anniversary. The whole kingdom was in awe of their True Love. Though, apparently that wasn’t enough for Princess Diana. For on this most special of nights, she allowed one of the despised evil creatures to enter her body and engulf her mind. In a matter of deadly moments, she stood a top of her glorious castle, staring out unto her loving kingdom. Looking down, she could see the ominous streets below, calling her. And in that terrifyingly dangerous state of high that she was, she jumped.
And so went the life of Princess Diana.

Now in real life, “Princess” Diana, who is one of my closest and favorite cousins, miraculously lived from a four story jump. For the story of Princess Diana, is TRUE.

Though beneath the entire faery tale junk was a real life experience. Diana wasn’t really a princess, though she sure filled the shoes. In truth, she just another person, someone like you and I. And the evil creatures? Around here, we call them drugs. Now this is what really happened, or so the story goes:

It was Diana and her boyfriend Allen’s six month anniversary. That night was supposed to be a momentous occasion. Though, apparently Diana had other plans. She made the reckless decision to do drugs. And unfortunately, she got super high. So high, that she locked Allen in their room and went to the roof of their apartment building. So high, that she slit her wrists where her veins lay, and bled contaminated blood. So high, that she jumped off of that four story apartment building and committed suicide.

All of her doctors say that she should have died. That it’s literally a miracle that she’s still breathing today. Since she fell vertically, when she connected with the ground, the entire bone in her ankles broke apart. Her spine bended in and she’s seriously damaged. Diana has had to undergo many operations and she may never walk again.

When I think about all of my cousin’s losses, an incredible sadness washes over me. Yet, when I think about what she’s gained, a tiny smile crosses my face. For Diana has gotten what only some of us can dream of: A second chance. A second chance at life, at renewing herself, at making the right decisions. I know that she regrets her decision to do drugs immensely. But hey, what can she do?

I chose to write about Diana for a couple of reasons.
A) I hope that when people read this, mainly teens, they’ll realize just how dangerous drugs really are and how unpredictably they can impact our lives to the greatest of lengths. B) The story of my dearest cousin is a deep and personal one. A natural borne writer, I decided to write it down.

People don’t really take the time to notice how much damage drugs can do. I mean, look at Diana. She will always live with the shame of her actions and the fact that she can’t walk shall be a constant reminder. Sadly, Diana is just one of the many people on Earth who fall into the dark clutches of drugs. My advice, don’t EVER come close to that evilness. The consequences are literally deadly.

Also, keep a close eye out for those who are involved with drugs. Because sometimes it’s not the gangbanger with tattoos all over his body and who’s always getting sent to the principal’s office, sometimes it’s the people you’d never expect, the quiet ones who never get in trouble but desperately want to prove themselves to the world. Because sometimes even sparrows scream.

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on Jan. 4 2012 at 10:49 am
Karles_Ivy PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
23 articles 0 photos 62 comments

Favorite Quote:
Sometimes the bully isn’t the captain of the cheerleaders or the girl who for some reason has it out for only you; sometimes the worst bully of them all is you.- Karles_Ivy

Thanks for the feedback, and she is doing a lot better thanks.!

eliana924 GOLD said...
on Jan. 2 2012 at 8:09 pm
eliana924 GOLD, New York, New York
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This is such a powerful story. I hope your cousin is doing better!