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First Date MAG

By Anonymous

     My heart is pounding; the more I think, the more I start to panic. I don’t even know if I should get out of the car. Maybe I should just leave. No, no, I can’t. I am already 15 minutes late because I couldn’t decide what to wear. I hope she doesn’t mind what I am wearing. I don’t even know where we should go. I said dinner but I’m not hungry. Maybe it is because I feel as if my stomach has caved in. What’s that smell? Oh, no, it can’t be my sweat! I guess I have to keep my hands in my pockets for the night. Then how am I supposed to open the door for her, or hold her in my arms? Should I even hold her?

Maybe I was just not meant to love; I am cursed. My cell phone is ringing, it’s her! Should I talk to her? Should I let it ring? What if she’s worried, or sees me outside her house? Should I have gotten her flowers, or chocolates? Should I try to kiss her or would that be taking things too quickly? But I want to be close so badly I could scream at the top of my lungs.

What if she’s dating me out of pity? I don’t even know if I should talk to her because my breath is starting to get strange. Why didn’t I bring gum, or body spray? I am feeling so sick I want to cry. Why am I so immature? I thought I was a man but apparently not, or maybe this just shows how much a woman can make a man’s life go upside down in less than two minutes.

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i love this so much!