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Reflections on the Ocean

January 25, 2009
By Shiva Ambardar BRONZE, Great Falls, Virginia
Shiva Ambardar BRONZE, Great Falls, Virginia
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In all of my life, I can’t recall
Ever having felt so small
Like an ant at the foot of a lofty mountain
That looms many miles tall.

Looking out at the ocean, I rubbed my eyes
Thinking my brain had made a ridiculous guise.
I looked out again, and saw that to be false
But I could barely comprehend its sheer size.

If you have not seen the ocean you could not comprehend
Why the water never seems to end.
Maybe land lies just beyond the distant clouds, but no.
The clouds drifted to reveal another watery expanse, I couldn’t even pretend.

On maps I had seen the size of the sea
Barely the width of my hand, how big could it be?
Now that I have seen the ocean through my eyes
It was so huge- a primal instinct warned me to flee.

The swelling waves are water drops in motion
Dancing blue lines sparkle without caution
I drink them every day, how could they hurt me?
They are an element of creation.

Calm one moment but stormy soon after
The crashing waves remind me of nature’s gruff laughter
That changes quickly to a raging storm with claps of thunder
Pulverizes even mammoth ships fashioned from massive rafters.

Man with his laptop, internet, medicine, iPod, and modern weaponry
Thinks he is all powerful. He isn’t.
Nature with earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, lightning, and wildfires
Knows it is far more powerful. It is.

Stunned by the ocean mighty swells, it dawned on me
Man is but a leaf sprouting from nature’s tree
Just a mite compared to nature’s might
So, learn to live with it in harmony.

Nature’s bounty is for all to share
Her grandeur a gift that spreads awe everywhere
But meddling with nature’s plan
Poisons the tree and all that buds from it, so exercise care.

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