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My little brothers, my Best firends

February 20, 2009
By MerrickRaven GOLD, Brewerton, New York
MerrickRaven GOLD, Brewerton, New York
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I have 2 dogs. A pure bred Chocolate lab, and a Black lab Weimar mix. Their names, Seamus and Sully.

Seamus is 6 years old and still very much a puppy. Every morning its the same thing, up by 4:30 because I run, he is right there at the end of my bed because I'll be the one who gets to feed him breakfast. When we first bought him it was Valentines day, and I was 11. He was the most adorable thing i had ever seen when i first saw him. Despite my allergies he slept with me and my sister alternately, and always wandered the house when we slept. When he got older we introduced him to our ferret, Beemer. It was the funniest sight. Seamus was definitely mans best friend. He waited for me and my sister to come home everyday after school, he knew when we would be home, on the dot. It was the same thing with my dad and my step mom, he would always know. I told the most secret of things to Seamus, and he ALWAYS seemed to know when i was upset, even if i wasn't crying. it was the best to have him around.

When we bought Sully, we bought him from a shelter. he was already a 8 month old puppy. When we brought him home, the poor puppy that is is got a big welcome from Seamus. Seamus wasn't all to welcoming at first and the ferret was even more scared then he ever was. The poor dear. Sully was a lap dog from the start, and he has the worst gas ever known to man, he empties the room every time he farts, its hilarious. Like Seamus, Sully was there for Talisa as Seamus was there for me.

Each dog always got in trouble. Seamus as a puppy started out taking shoes, then my stuffed animals, and anything he can get his mouth on. Sully, he would bring in things from outside, such as a 4x4, or he'll bring a toy from inside to the outside. We have to keep an eye on them at all times, Seamus and Sully have a rep for getting into the garbage and chewing everything in sight.

They beg for food often. We feed them first before we eat dinner. When talisa and I would come home from school and have a snack of some sort, Seamus and Sully were ALWAYS there in front of us , pretty much saying 'please, oh, please drop a smidgen!!'.

Since my dad made me, all by my self, live with my mom, the dogs were lonely. From what I hear they lay at my closed door waiting for me. And i miss them terribly. I actually feel alone all the time. Im used to at least on of the dogs laying in my bed or both of them to greet me when i come home from school. I miss the warm welcome and the joy of seeing me everyday.

It reminds me of the words in Marley and Me. The story of a man and the worlds worst dog.

No matter what you've done, or what reputation you hold, your dog doesn't care one bit about any of that. They love you for who you are, and they say it better than any other person in the world. You've been accepted from the moment you took them home. They are your family, Seamus and Sully are my little brothers pretty much. They are your best friends, and they are more humane than any human being could ever be. They can be the start of your family and more as the best part about it.

While Im away from everything, my home, my sister, my dogs, all alone in my 'new' home in North Carolina with my mom. Things Aren't the same but i make due with the phone calls.

I politely ask my sister everyday to put the dogs on speakerphone so i can say Hello.

While i know, they aren't around forever, I mean Im not either. But at least i know where they go! Rainbow bridge. =D

I love my dogs. My brothers, My best friends. And Im not sure how I ever can get by with out them.

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