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Hold the Wheel and Drive

March 11, 2009
By Devan Peterson BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
Devan Peterson BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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Driving. It is every fifteen-year-old's dream to get behind the wheel for the first time, buckling themselves behind the driver's seat and ready to step to a completely different level of independence. But driving is also something dreadful for those who have driven on the road for quite some time. Driving is a hassle for those who have more experience because they know what to expect out there on the road. They are aware of the Speed Racers, the Creeping Crawlers, and the Blaring Basses.
These types of drivers are seen every day and at any time of the day. Anyone who is a driver can say that they are irritated by these horrible drivers and know that they may have even gotten into an accident with one before. Little do most drivers know that they may be one of these three drivers that should have never been given a license. So, how can you tell that you are one?

The Speed Racer

Ah, the Speed Racer. Those who have the adrenaline rush when they sit behind the wheel. Or maybe they are just always running late every day to where it is necessary to go 75 miles per hour on the interstate. However, these prospective professional race car drivers may have quick reflexes when it comes to weaving in and out of traffic; they cause a great hazard to themselves and to others. Their risky and agile movements on the road may look impressive to a NASCAR scout, but in every day society with children and families also on the road, it is just plain stupid. The best part about driving on the road with a Speed Racer is that when they speed and try so hard to beat all of the traffic, you end up pulling up right next to them at the next stoplight. When you glance over and spot the Speed Racer leaning against their car door, one hand on the wheel, with a smug smile slapped on their face, you know that they realize you both reached the same destination at the same time, no matter how fast they went.

Creeping Crawlers

The complete opposite of the Speed Racers, the Creeping Crawlers are those who tend to drive entirely too slow and significantly below the speed limit. Kudos to them for being extremely careful on the road, but their dragging on the road could cause even more accidents, especially for the Speed Racers. The Creeping Crawlers consist of those who are too afraid to take risks or anxious about putting that little bit of extra weight on the accelerator. These drivers seem to have all of the time in the world, having the luxury of taking their sweet time. Occasionally, a Creeping Crawler may accidentally leave their blinker on for fifteen minutes or so until realizing their mistake. When you come upon a Creeping Crawler, the first thing you may tend to do is tailgate (which the Speed Racers are proficient at), but that will only cause them to drive even slower. My only advice is to be patient with these anxious drivers and courteously pass them so that they may go on their merry way.

The Blaring Basses

The wonderful invention of the bass. It is meant to make the musical experience much deeper to the listener. However, not everyone can handle the powerful waves emitted by a bass, especially if the volume is cranked to the maximum. Only a select few can withstand 50 hertz put off by a bass, especially in the comfort of their own vehicle. There are two types of Blaring Bass drivers. The first is the driver who turns their bass all the way up and leaves all of their windows up so you can actually see the windows vibrate from the bass. If you are at a stoplight next to this type of Blaring Bass, you could possibly even see your own car vibrate from the waves.

The second type of the Blaring Bass is the driver who loves to share their music with those around them. Not only is their bass turned all the way up, but you can actually hear the lyrics of the song. And this type seems to be oblivious to what kind of music he or she is playing, may it be a cheerful pop song or a hip-hop song full of explicit language. Sometimes, you can see a combination of the Speed Racer and the Blaring Bass, with the loud music being a cause for the fast driving. This combination is rarely seen every day because when these two are put together, it could be an unbearable aggravation for innocent drivers.

People have their own special way of driving, whether it is speeding along the freeway, blaring music until your ears bleed, or taking all the time in the world to reach a destination. Sometimes dealing with these annoying drivers can be difficult, but maybe our fashion of driving is not as perfect either. We drive every day and in our own special way that is comfortable to us. Maybe your way of driving may irritate the guy sitting next to you with his music thumping, or the teenager speeding in front of you, or the old woman putt-putting behind you.

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