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This Time

March 20, 2009
By ssophiaa GOLD, Falls Church, Virginia
ssophiaa GOLD, Falls Church, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"You cannot operate from a concern of how you're perceived."
--Kevin Kittle

We saw her in English through the door. I called out her name in a whisper. She turned to see my best friend and I waving at her. She quickly looked to the front of the classroom and then waved us away. I turned to go into my math class when I heard a few loud giggles from my best friend.

'Inside joke,' she told me.

I nodded in reply saying nothing about it the rest of the class.

I sat in Spanish class, laughing with my other friend about how stupid the teacher was. When he would tell someone they had gotten a 'warning', we burst into a fit of giggles. He would constantly glare at us, but we ignored him, laughing at anything and everything, even if it didn't make sense.

'Did you do your homework?' she asked.

'Yeah, You need to copy?' I said.

'Yeah, thanks.' She replied, jotting down my workbook page answers.

'We will continue after class. Go to lunch.' Our Spanish teacher announced.

She pushed in her chair and sprinted out of the room as I tried desperately to catch up with her. But when I was right behind her, I saw that she was laughing with the other girls, paying no attention to me, although I was screaming at her to wait for me.

She still had my workbook under her arm.

I stood at the bus stop on Halloween morning. Our class was going on a field trip. I was waiting for another one of my friends to arrive. She came in wearing crazy lace up boots and a denim mini with a black cloak around her.

'You look'festive.' I smiled.

'These are the boots I told you about yesterday. Remember?' she said.

'No'' I said, puzzled. 'I wasn't there yesterday. You said you were busy.'

'Oh.' She said. 'Well, my class was cancelled. But this is the cloak from that YouTube movie we shot. At the park?'

'I wasn't there either.'

'Oh. Well'I think the bus is here.' She said, rushing up to the curb. I could tell she tried not to turn and look at me, but she did.

She didn't see me crying though.

Now, as I sit in Math class, I can feel her cold eyes stare at me. When I ask her a question, she uses one word answers. She turns away from me when at the two person desk. She inches away from my chair.

Now, in Spanish, I have switched desks, but I can still see her, trying not to look over. I can hear her whisper my name to make fun of me. And when our teacher gives out a 'warning', niether one of us laughs.

At the bus stop, she refuses to look at me. And even when there are no seats left on the bus except the one next to me, she sits on her backpack on the floor.

And now as I sit at lunch, I can feel all of them, staring me down. And I can sometimes hear them in the hall talking about what they are going to do this afternoon. Or on the bus, they shout and ask one another if they're going to Starbucks still. They don't bother to invite me anymore. But they never did. It's just like old times.

Only this time, I know they don't like me.

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