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Actress, Olivia Holt

January 29, 2012
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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Olivia Holt stars as Kim, the only female student at the Bobby Wasabi Academy, on Disney XD's Kickin' It. Aside from acting, Olivia is also an accomplished gymnast and is currently working on her own original music.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Olivia for Teen Ink.

Rachel- I'd just like you to tell us a little about yourself.

Olivia Holt- Okay! Well, I am originally from Mississippi. I grew up doing gymnastics for a really long time. I thought, you know, for the longest time I wanted to be a professional gymnast.

My sister, on the other hand, she wrote scripts, like little plays and we'd put them on for my family. I just kinda loved pretending to be someone, like a princess or a witch, or, you know, something like that. So, it was really cool! And I loved pretending to be a character like that and I always loved getting into the characters. So that's one of the reasons that I kinda started to get into acting.

So it was a bit of a whirlwind when I started doing local theater around my hometown in Mississippi, and I would sing at my voice coach's place. After that, my voice coach was like, “Hey! There's a convention out in LA if you wanna come.”

Me and my family, we had no idea what it was. We were like, “Oh, okay. This will be a good opportunity to go out to LA and see what it's like.” So, we came out here and I got over forty callbacks from different agencies. So that was like probably one of the biggest things I've ever heard! I was like, “This is great!”

So, I kinda started there with acting and I've loved it ever since! I moved out here about a year and a half ago for [Kickin' It]. I've been having a lot of fun, and I love acting.

RH- Are you a martial artist in real life?

OH- In real life, no, I am not. But I am actually starting to get into martial arts just because of the show and I love it so much! Just going up to the set everyday and then training and everything. So, like, outside of the show, I do Po Kor Martial Arts; So, I'm actually starting to get into it.

RH- What's the craziest thing you've ever had to do on Kickin' It?

OH- Oh my goodness! We've done so much that it's so hard to just pick one!

But I think probably one of the craziest that I can think of off of the top of my head would probably be getting just wiped out with gravy! It's very difficult to explain, but there's an episode where me and some of the other guys in the cast got shot with gravy. Our whole bodies, from head to toe, were just [covered] with gravy. It was disgusting! It was actually a lot of fun, 'cause, you know, we just got that whole gravy fill.

But that was probably one of the craziest things we've had to do!

RH- What's the funniest, non-scripted thing that's happened on set?

OH- Me and the guys love goofing around! So, I would probably have to say just when we're rehearsing on set, Jason [Earles] will ad-lib something and we'll all start busting out laughing. Then, when we do the scene, we think of what he had said and we just start laughing! It's just this crazy thing where we can't stop laughing because of what [Jason] had said!

Just anything! We love to ad-lib and everything. And we just make each other laugh! It’s really funny!

RH- What’s it like being the only girl in a group of guys?

OH- You know, a lot of people think that it would be tough going to set everyday and being with a whole group of guys, but I love it! They’re like my brothers! I couldn’t ask for a better cast because they’re really great guys and they’re really talented. I know they’re all gonna go really far in their careers.

Of course, I do have to listen to them talk about boy stuff all the time, but then [it’s] my turn! I get to talk about my girl stuff, like going shopping and all this other stuff. It’s great! We love to pick on each other.

They’re also big pranksters, so it’s a lot of fun!

RH- I actually interviewed Leo Howard awhile ago and he said that you all were attempting a successful prank on Jason; has that happened yet?

OH- {laughs} No, we haven’t done a successful one yet! I mean, there have been a couple times where we would try to attempt to do something funny; but, you know, [just] a little prank on him. Just because he’s so good at things like that and we’re kinda not! So, no, but we’re making up a game plan, so I think there should be one sooner or later! {laughs}

RH- Has the first season of Kickin’ It finished airing yet?

OH- No, it has not! I think first season ends next year during summer. I’m not 100% sure with that, but, no, we shot 21 episodes for first season.

RH- Wow, that’s a lot!

OH- Yeah! {laughs}

RH- So what can fans expect on upcoming episodes?

OH- We have a lot more crazy things happening with the gang. (I’m trying to think what the next episode is gonna be about…)

On one of the last episodes, Milton gets a girlfriend! You’re going to see a lot of [her] in some of the episodes coming up. [There’s] a lot more dating things going on in the next couple episodes, so that should be really cool!

[There’s also] more of the gang just getting closer together and I think that’s great!

RH- What’s been your favorite episode to film?

OH- My favorite episode to film, hands down, was the 70s episode, “Kung Fu Cop.” That’s really one of my favorites because it was so cool! We got to go back to the 70s and we got to dress up in all the 70s clothes. I had a huge afro and all this makeup on my face! It was so much fun! Hands down, like I said, definitely “Kung Fu Cop!”

RH- Do you and any of the guys hang out off set?

OH- We do! We go to the movies; we hang out at the bowling alley; you know, we always call each other and ask if we wanna chill. And we do, we do! So, it’s great that we’re so close that we see each other practically everyday even on the weekends!

RH- Kickin’ It just got picked up for a second season; what would you like to happen in the second season?

OH- I’m super psyched for second season! I can’t wait! I’m super excited for the gang to on a lot more adventures and to just see them become closer.

I feel like for my character I would like to see her sing because in reality I do sing and I think it would be great if my character got to sing on the show. So, I’m looking forward to hopefully that being in some of the scripts. So, that should be fun!

RH- Since you mentioned singing, are there any musical projects in the works for you?

OH- Well, actually right now I’m currently working on some original music. Hopefully I will be coming out with a single soon. So right now I’m just trying to work on some singing stuff and then hopefully there will be some singing career in the works for me. Acting and singing are kinda like tied, because I love them both!

RH- So, other than your music and Kickin’ It, are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

OH- Currently, no. But hopefully there will be some new projects that I will be working on soon. {laughs}

RH- What advice do you have for aspiring actors and singers?

OH- Ooh… This is a tough one! {laughs}

I would probably have to say just, of course, give 110% in everything you do! Be ready for a lot of challenges ‘cause you’re gonna face them. And just chase your dreams!

That’s kinda what I did and I do have to face a lot of challenges in my life, but you’ll get there someday.

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