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Ms. Sreeja S

April 8, 2022
By Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
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When hearts speak of gratitude,words lose their significance. When love takes up the mic of life,the only voice that rings in each heart would be love, love and love......

I entered the school chapel. Honestly speaking, I was really tensed though I'd done multiple revisions. Yes, today was our class 12 Accountancy final exam. But fear couldn't let down my faith. I prayed to God to be with me all through the exam. Once I was coming out of the chapel,I met my accountancy teacher Miss Sreeja. She greeted me with her pleasant and confident smile. She asked me about my preparations and said to me: Jyothis, do well in your exams. I expect a hundred on hundred from you. What!! Sreeja ma'am is expecting a hundred... I couldn't believe my ears.

You might be wondering what's so special about a hundred. But I would say,it was something great for us. From day one,Sreeja ma'am had said to us that it's been about four years since she got a hundred. It seemed a nearly impossible task. And that's what made me even more surprised. But the realization that my teacher believed in my potential cheered my tensed soul. All the while we were traveling to our exam centre, I'd just one prayer;God I want a hundred. Happy to say,I did the exams well and when the results were out guess what, I could live the expectations of my dear teacher.

Sreeja ma'am is the most 'professional ' teacher I've ever met. Her teaching standards are uncomparable. I used to often say to my mother that ever student must get the chance to sit in the class of such an experienced teacher. She taught theory with practical examples and her class was really a knowledge treat. The most interesting part is that even today I remember the pages of the definitions she had taught.

She knew each one of us personally and often ignited our hearts with the fire,passion towards our future goals. Now after passing school and attending online sessions,the thing I ardently desire for and miss is the motivating words of my teacher. She had powerful words and it was beautiful to see her make them her sword. She's a powerhouse of knowledge, a package of unending enthusiasm and bet me one of the most strongest woman....

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