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Educator Of The Year

May 30, 2009
By Stephanie Cheng SILVER, Palm Desert, California
Stephanie Cheng SILVER, Palm Desert, California
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I looked to the clock, 5:15. I was supposed to leave exactly fifteen minutes ago. My eyes flickered over to her, about to tell her I had to leave, that I was expected to be arriving home at this time. Instead, I nodded my head, hurrying back to the sound room. What made me do it? I couldn't help it; I could see how determined she was to help her students, how enthusiastic she was. She was one of the only teachers I knew to stay well after the time it was to leave just to help another student. Some called her “too nice”. I just think she loves her job.

Mrs. Rosam, the dance teacher at my school, is the youngest, most determined teacher I have yet to meet. Being only twenty seven, she's accomplished so much. Two years earlier, she appeared at the school, somehow recognized by the elder teachers here. Turns out, she had attended the same school when she was younger and had loved it so much that she came back.

Having attended her class during her first year, I learned that she wasn't any ordinary teacher. She was fresh out of college, and unlike most young teachers, she was a complete natural and at ease with us. Each day in her dance class, my confidence grew little by little, and others did as well. She was the sort of teacher that helped you reach your aspirations, no matter how far away they seem.

In only her second year, she developed something our school never had. At least to our knowledge. A dance team. However certain issues prevented them from having their practice during their school day. So what did she do? Give up? No. She gave up her own time, after school, coaching them. Everything about that team represents her as a teacher. The way she chose the members shows just exactly how fair she is. The way she helps each and every single girl on that team, from their turns to their leaps. Mrs. Rosam was no longer just a teacher to those girls. She was someone who helped them shape their lives.

From the moment she started teaching, Mrs. Rosam was never just a dance teacher. She is the one teacher students would go back and visit. She is the teacher you still hold a sense of admiration for after she reprimands you. She is the teacher that inspires each and everyone of her students, whether they realize it or not.

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