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Educator of the Year

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

School is normally not an exciting place. It is difficult to sit in class and hear every word the teacher speaks, but not with Mr. Paul. In his class, I find myself actually listening to what he has to say. Even in AP Macro Economics, I am able to stay focused and learn the subject to the best of my ability. Mr. Paul keeps every class interesting by involving everyone in the class.
Mr. Paul has the ability to capture the attention of every student in the class by keeping every class fun and interesting. His passion of the subject shows in his teaching. You can tell he is interested in the subject with the many interesting stories he has to tell about it. Mr. Paul’s humor is unique and I often catch myself laughing at his jokes. This is on of the ways Mr. Paul is able to keep the attention of his students throughout class.
Because of my interest in the subject, I complete every assignment given to me to the best of my ability, which is unusual for me. I don’t normally take the time to do my homework properly and usually only do the bare minimum to get the points in school. I study for every test and quiz in Mr. Paul’s class and always aim for an A. I want to do well in the subject because I have an interest in the material.
Mr. Paul is the best teacher. His teaching is interesting and fun because he is so passionate about his subject and is able to make an entire class laugh with his jokes. He wants every student to succeed and tries his best to teach the material to every student. He takes the time to learn as much information about the subject as possible so that he can answer any question that the students have. Mr. Paul cares about every student and is involved in what he teaches.

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