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Mr. P.; The Educator

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Music Theory. Sounds interesting, right? When I signed up to take Music Theory, I thought the class was going to be easier than any other class. Much to my surprise, the class was not just another easy A.
I actually began struggling. I was struggling so hard that I began to drift. I didn’t care because the rest of the class had passed me up and they were accelerating at a pace I would never dream of accomplishing.
That’s when Mr. Polancich showed his true colors to me. While we were working in small groups, he came over and asked if I needed extra help. This was the biggest relief because I’m not the kind of student who asks for extra help. Finally, a teacher had asked me if I needed extra help in a class that I needed help in!
Sure enough, I came in after class that week (and the next) to have a one-on-one, student-to-teacher, lesson.
Now, I finally understand how to make a root into a first inversion and even into a second inversion! I understand scales and how they are constructed. I am back on track to an A and I have a positive outlook.

Mr. Polancich isn’t another teacher, going through a book of what to do. Mr. Polancich has a enthusiastic personality and he always has a way of keeping everyone’s attention. For example, when we are talking about different time signatures, rhythms, or even chord changes, we are allowed to go through our MP3 players and find a track that demonstrates that designated musical highlight. It makes class enjoyable because I was allowed to bring in my favorite music and then learn from it. Music Theory is not only making my love of the world of music stronger, but making me apply music theory outside of the classroom. I now find myself at Church or in my car, not just singing along, but actually looking at the notes and the chord changes.

Mr. Polancich is one of the only teachers who that I can openly talk too. One day, a few weeks ago, I was stressed out. I thought my eyes were going to explode. That’s how badly I was stressed. I wasn’t just stressed about the fact I didn’t understand, but I was also stressing about my personal life. When I stayed after that day, not only did I get musical help, but I got help with my problem, because all I needed was someone to talk too. I not only left that room knowing Music Theory was going to get easier for me, but I left that room relieved that I had talked to someone about my personal problems.

My high spirits for having such an admirable teacher cannot be expressed in this paper alone. But it can be expressed in my smile when I walk into that class, and my grade reflects my effort. I love Music Theory. Thank you, Mr. Polancich!

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