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Mr. Russell

January 27, 2009
By PandaBears BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
PandaBears BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I nominate Mr. Gary Russell, because he makes me laugh all the time. I do think it's annoying when the students don't ever pay attention. Then he gets mad at everyone. Then all the students in the class say they hate Mr. Russell, but it isn't Mr. Russell's fault. He is just doing his job. Mr. Russell is really fun, funny, nice, and awesome in a cool way if you get to know him. Mr. Russell has kind of curly grayish hair with blue eye's, and is always wearing sweat shirt, and sweat pants with running shoes on. He is always limping, because he has a bad leg, but no matter how he is he still rocks.

When Mr. Russell tells us to tuck in our shirts we should because it shows respect to the dress code and the P.E uniform. I bet I am the only one who really cares, and likes Mr. Russell. He makes us walk only because thj8ulhk's his job. He wants us to get in shape. He really cares about our health, and he just wants to help us.

Mr. Russell is always helping us with walking or with questions on the EOC. He wants us to get a good grade, but some kids don't like to work. He pushes us to work at it and to reach our goals when he knows we really aren't trying. So this is why I nominate Mr. Gary Russell for Educator of the year.

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