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What a Teacher!

January 30, 2009
By Ian Gilman BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Ian Gilman BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Everyone has a favorite teacher. For some people, their favorite teacher is exciting and humorous. Other people like teachers who give clear instructions or 'teach well'. My favorite teacher is a combination of both. His name is Mr. Hoetker, my English teacher.
He not only is one of my best teachers ever, but he knows how to make kids my age laugh. A lot. Soon you will see why Mr. Hoetker deserves to be the educator of the year.

I remember one of my class's first assignments was to make artwork for English classroom walls (which was fun though it had nothing to do with English or writing). We did this because Mr. Hoetker felt like he was going crazy because the 'stark white walls' of his classroom reminded him of an insane asylum. It didn't take me very long to enjoy coming to his English class. Before I came to Mr. Hoetker's class, I never wrote or liked writing. Now I enjoy writing very much, all because of Mr. Hoetker. He reads your work thoroughly and comments on your writing, not just your grammar.

In addition to being great at teaching, Mr. Hoetker knows how to put his own twist on things. For example, when my class was reviewing for our finals, Mr. Hoetker could have just said 'Here, study this paper'. Instead he played review bingo with us. Another time he played jeopardy to review for a quiz. Also, he takes the time to find a quote and a poem! Every day! On top of all that, he takes the time to make examples to help us start assignments. How many teachers do that?

After reading this, it should be perfectly clear that Mr. Hoetker deserves to be to be the educator of the year. Not only has he taught many kids, myself included, the importance of writing, but he made it enjoyable. Can you honestly say he doesn't deserve a shot?

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