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January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a teacher that you absolutely love? I have!!! He is my English teacher Mr. Hoetker. He has dirty blonde hair and eye color is blue he claims to look like Brad Pitt but a better looking and buffer one. He also claims he is 5’10” ha-ha. Mr. Hoetker and his crazy imagination. He sings a little also.

I never really like going to my classes but when it comes to eighth period I can never wait to get there, to English. He does some super fun stuff in class. He talks in funny voices some days. He dances randomly. He also tells us funny stories about his kids and chocolate sauce and other things. Ok, here’s the story about the chocolate sauce. Mr.Hoetker went home and he and his kids drank chocolate sauce right from the bottle for DINNER! Weird, right? I told you Mr.Hoetker was funny and crazy. He can be funny but when its time to learn he always buckles down.

He helps me whenever I need help. He explains everything so clearly like if he were to use the word mechanics and I didn’t get it he would help me understand the meaning. We play games such as word wall bingo I thought that was a fun game even though it was educational. He is super crazy and acts like a crazy teenager sometimes.
Those are the reasons why I would nominate my teacher.

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