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Saying Goodbye

May 18, 2011
By Endless1996 GOLD, Bay City, Michigan
Endless1996 GOLD, Bay City, Michigan
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"sadness my dear is nothing but power, use it, and use it well" By Arnold Lee Elwood

He can’t leave again! What will I do without him here? He didn’t even tell us goodbye!

I grabbed the covers and threw them off of me, and hurled myself down the flights of stairs. I would not let him leave me not again! My house is in the middle of London, its not grand, but its home. The halls are cold as I run to the door, praying I’m not to late. Opening the giant wood door I see the truck that has my daddy inside, gently pulling away from the curb. No! I have to catch them I just have to.

Running through the snow, in socks that are soaked, waving my hands frantically trying to get the drivers attention. The truck stops and a man I don’t recognize steps out the driver door. He walks up to me, then with his gurgling voice yells at me, “ Get inside before you freeze to death!”

“No, my dad! He didn’t even hug me goodbye! Please just let me hug him please!” Tears streamed down my face as I begged the man.
“Your dad’s on the truck? You can check and see, but if he’s not there you go back to your house and go to sleep! Little girls like you should be in bed at this hour, not running through the snow after an army truck!” And with that he helped me into the back of the truck, were I knew my dad would be.

I looked at all the men sitting on the ground, I called out my daddy’s name, there he was! Sitting off in the corner, starring me as if I were crazy.

“DADDY!” I cried running into his outstretched arms, “Why? Why didn’t you say goodbye?” I sobbed into his jacket.

“Claire! I’m sorry Claire, I never thought you would do something like this! Why are you out here in your night gown?! You should be in bed!” he had started to cry as well, I realized something right then, that was the first time I’d ever seen my dad cry.

“Don’t cry daddy! I’m sorry, I’ll go back inside and sleep! I promise, just please don’t cry!” I begged looking into his bloodshot eyes
“Oh, Claire bear I’m not crying because I’m angry, I’m happy! Your right I should have said goodbye,” he said getting to his feet, he picked me up into his arms, as he carried me outside I snuggled closer into his jacked.

“FIVE MINUTES CORPRAL!” the driver called

Daddy looked at the man and nodded, then he looked at me and smiled, but it wasn’t his usual cheery smile. Like when he wins in a game of chess or when I get an A on my report card, this smile held hints to the future. A future I couldn’t see, not until now.

My dad set me on my feet and hugged me with all his might. When he pulled away, he quickly gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Now to bed with you! I’ll be back by the time you finish your song!” he whispered into my ear as he hugged me one last time, then my dad climbed back into the truck.

As the truck moved away, he looked out the flap and waved, even in the poor light of the street lamps I could see the tears on his cheeks.
I waved with all my heart, tears still spilling out of my eyes. When the truck turned around the corner, I knew my daddy was gone. I walked back to the house, wincing as I took each step. My feet were all red, they hurt so much more tears spilled out of my already blotchy eyes. I looked back only once, just as I was closing our giant door.

At the time I was eight years old, I loved my mom and my dad more than I loved myself. On that day I never in a million years would have thought, that would be the last day I saw my dad. Now looking back on that night, I realized my dad was saying goodbye, even with the little hints in his smile, he was telling me goodbye.

The author's comments:
THis is a story i wrote awhile back about a little girl having to say Goodbye to her dad when he is called to duty in the Army.

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