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What is a hero?

August 8, 2011
By AbbieLou GOLD, Warrington, Other
AbbieLou GOLD, Warrington, Other
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'The problem is not that we aim to high and miss it, but that we aim to low and reach it'

A hero is a beacon of light in an array of darkness. A hero is someone who you can depend on, someone who will pull you from the darkest of depths and restore your faith in humanity. A hero is not a glorified football player who scores goals, whereas there’s no denial they are talented, and looked up to, they are not heroes. A hero is someone who finds a special place in your heart. Soldiers are heros, there bravery is undoubtable, and they cherish skills which many would love to muster within themselves.A solider risks their own lives to save that of another. Whilst we commend the heroic soliders collectively, we all have our own personal heroes to. We come across many hero’s in our lifetime, sometimes by accident, sometimes without even setting of to find one. The therapeutic fact is, their in the world.

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