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   "A Hero of Our Time, gentlemen, is indeed aportrait, but not of a single individual; it is a portrait composed of all thevices of our generation in the fullness of their development." -Mikhail Lermontov

Throughout her life, Alice Paul, a radical 20th Centurysuffragette, demonstrated innumerable heroic and virtuous deeds that have gainedmy utmost admiration. The essence of Paul's valor lay in her extraordinaryintellect, perseverance and benevolence. Born in 1885, even today Alice Paulwould be revered as exceedingly intelligent. She earned a high school education(an accomplishment few women of her time obtained), went to Swarthmore Collegeand then proceeded to earn a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University ofPennsylvania. During the 1920's, Paul returned to school and earned a law degree.The knowledge she gained during her youth added to her success as a suffragetteand an individual.

Another heroic quality was her bold perseverance. Sheorganized many suffrage parades and public events that brought controversy andmockery from anti-suffragists, yet eventually persuaded America to support thevote for women. Throughout the movement, Paul was thrown in jail for herdemonstrations. In spite of public ridicule and bias, she continued to demandwomen's rights until they were gained.

The final amazing trait thatdefines Alice Paul as a heroine was her benevolence. She dedicated her entirelife to overcoming discrimination against women. After women won the right tovote, Paul focused on bringing equality to women in the work force. Compassion,though sometimes disguised as the desire for political justice, was a residingcharacteristic.

Alice Paul is the ideal hero because of her intelligence,determination and kindness. Paul, though not widely known for heraccomplishments, was an individual with the basic essence and ideals of mygeneration.

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