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Oh Dear Angels

October 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Oh dear angels,
The dear angels that whisk you away.
They take you to heaven,
Where dreams come true.
Pain and suffering do not exist.
Only happiness .
No sorrow,
No death.

The white angels that whisk you away,
Whisk you away to the glorious gates of heaven.
Gold and brilliant.
The white clouds glow in the blue sky,

Oh dear angels,
The white angels that whisk you away,
They whisk you away to heaven.

No pain.
No suffering.
No, not even death,
Can exist in such a perfect place.

Dear angels,
I pray you take good care of her.
She was kind and caring.
Everybody misses her terribly.
She’s always in our thoughts,
Our hearts.

Dear angels,
Take good care of her.
Angela oh dear Angela,
We all miss you.
Our hearts sing for you.

Dear Angela,
You’re a white a angel now.
Your pale skin glows,
Your dark hair glistens.
You soar towards heaven,
The gold gates of heaven.
You are an angel now,
Make us proud.

Oh dear Angela,
Our dear dear Angela,
A white angel.

The author's comments:
My friend lived a short life, due to a car accident that ended her life at the age of 17, on her way to school. She was my dear friend, and a very beautiful dancer. Her steps will live on in the hearts of others for generations yet to come.

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