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Interview with Quality Inspector Arben V.

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

What is your job?
I am a quality inspector for Ballco manufacturing.
Why did you choose this field of work?

I chose this job because I though I would be able to this job well. I had a previous knowledge of the tools need for this job. Also I was proficient in all of the skills necessary in this field. I had a necessary knowledge of algebra and other similar parts of math.
How do you use math and algebra in your everyday work?

During the measurement that I make during the day I must be able to calculate where certain cuts and formations must be made. I also use the formulas of trigonometry in order to determine the necessary angle and measure that must be use for the specific product.
What are the duties of your department?

My duties are the physical control of the details and the manufacturing of the product. And the guarantee that the product will fit the standards of the consumer and/or the buyer of the specific product.
How do you use machines in order to assist you in this job?

The two things which are primarily used for the inspection and measurements of the details produced are CMM and FARO. Both of the machines are programmed with electrical programs which are specific to the details. These tools measure the dimensions of the object which differ from each product. This includes everything from height, weight, circumference and the angle measurements from inside the object. The way that the machines operate is called probe-touch. This means that the tools touch the object in a specified position or positions in order to determine the required detail. The CMM machine is one-hundred percent self-sufficient the only outside control that it uses is that of the worker putting in the details which are needed and their measurements. While the FARO does the same measurements as the CMM, but the movement of the tool is manual and most be operated by the worker.
How is your department important to the overall growth of the company?

My department is very important because it stops the selling of products which are out of standard. Also secures the completion of the contracts in the required time and under the specifications of the buyer.
How does your department work with customers in order to make the products better?

We have contacts with customers about any possible defects that any one of the products may have. We then make the corrections that are needed by the consumer. Also all of the new productions that the consumer asks for pass by our department with greater care then the other productions because it is new and it must be closely inspected before it is shipped and sold.
What advice would you give to someone else who would want to work in this profession?

Firstly they should be able to understand the importance of this department to the rest of the company. They should be very observant and careful in the measurements. They should try to learn the different tools and how they are used and learn about their calibers, micrometers, and high gage. You must a have knowledge of blueprints and drafts used by engineers.

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