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Interview with Nurse Tracey D.

April 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Nursing is a career that involves helping and healing others. It takes patience and compassion, but the end result can be very rewarding. I had a chance to sit down with nurse Tracey D. and interview her about her job as a restorative nurse.

What exactly do you do at your job?

I am a Restorative Nurse at a nursing home. In addition to my nursing degree, I am certified as a rehab nurse. The restorative program is an extension to physical and occupational rehab. Once a resident is discharged from therapy or when they are nearing the end of their stay at our facility they are placed on restorative programs. Restorative programs include upper/lower extremity exercise programs, walking programs, and transfer training. Restorative programs may continue indefinitely for those patients that are permanent residents in the nursing home.

What is your favorite part of your job and why?

The favorite part of my job is knowing that I am helping other people. Helping others gives me a great sense of fulfillment.

What is your least favorite part of your job and why?

The least favorite part of my job is the on-call responsibilities. On-call is when I am required to fill open shifts when the facility is unable to obtain adequate coverage. I do not like this part of my job because it takes time from my family.

How do you feel about your patients? Do you ever become emotionally attached to them?

I love my patients. I often become attached to my patients. This happens when you spend time with patients for several days. Often when people are in your care they are at their most vulnerable state and you are responsible for their physical and sometimes social well-being.

How do you feel when temporary patients leave?

This is a hard question to answer. A part of me feels good when I see someone come into the facility who was unable to walk when they came and they are leaving walking out of the door. The other part of me will miss the patient because of my attachment.

What or who inspired you to be a nurse?

I have always wanted to help others. I thought that being a nurse would be the perfect career choice to enable me to accomplish this.

If you could have any other job, what would it be, and why?

If I could have any other job I would be a physician. If I were a physician I would have greater control over the outcome of patient care.

Would you say the pros of your job outweigh the cons?

I would definitely say that the pros outweigh the cons. If they did not I think I would have changed careers a long time ago.

What would you say to other aspiring nurses?

I would tell them that if you have a passion for people and helping others then nursing is a great choice. It is important that they know that this career choice can be very challenging and at the same time very rewarding. Also, with the nursing shortage you will never be without a job!

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Passionate said...
on Aug. 20 2008 at 11:57 pm
I love this article. If I were seeking a career, nursing would be a choice for me. If I had a loved on in need of care, I hope that I can find a nurse like Tracey.