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Interview About Video Games

October 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Are video games too much? It went from Nintendo 64 to the newest system Xbox 360. The graphics and the games for Xbox 360 are in high definition. It just makes teenagers never want to leave the game. Especially since X-box live allows you to get to play friends online.
Xbox 360 is like a computer, which allows the gamers to watch movies, listen to music while playing a video game. Also some video games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row the gamers have limited freedom. Inside these games they could stab people steal cars, and rob stores without going to jail. Video games are the new reality.

Topic: What video games are doing to people?

How often in a day do you play video games?
P: On the weekends I play video games for like three hours.

C: I don’t play video games.

N: I play once a day for an hour.

What kind of games do you play and what system do you use?
P: I use the computer action games.

N: I play guitar hero on PS2.

If you could make up a system and a video game what would it be called and describe it?
P: The XL ultimate computer. and I would make every single in one CD.

N: I don’t know what I would call it maybe something like fantasy music. And the games would be about dancing games and instrumental games.

What is it about these games that make you not go outside or to sit down and study?
P: It’s addicting because its interesting adventures. No one wants to study.

N: The games are much more fun than studying.

What makes you get so into these games?
P: You kill people. And it gives you freedom.

N: I don’t want to leave the game because I want to get to the next level or unlock new song.

If video games replaced movies how would you feel? Describe.
P: I would I feel sad because movies are better than video games.

C: I would be pissed because I enjoy watching movies.

N: I would not be happy because I like to watch movies as well.

By playing video games you’re being lazy and not exercising how do you feel about that?
P: I feel bad so I exercise after.

C: I do agree because by not exercising or eating right they are playing video games.

N: I do exercise just not when I am playing video games. Video games aren’t my whole life I do other things.

Do you think people play video games too much?
P: Yes, some people just don’t have a life.

C: Yes, because when they come home they don’t do their work they just play video games all day and that is not good.

N: I certainly think that people video games too much.

Do you think they should stop making video games?
P: No because people would go crazy without them.

C: No because if people don’t just play video games and do other stuff. I think it’s fine.

N: I don’t think that the companies should stop making video games because they shouldn’t be played all the time. Also these companies wouldn’t make money if video games were not sold.

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