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A Super Woman For A Mother

October 4, 2008
By Anonymous

She is so many things a mother, advocate for HIV/AIDS, ministry leader, and a business woman. When Ms Carolyn M. came down the stairs she had such a peaceful look on her face. As she reached for a cup of coffee she asked sweetly “do you want a sip of snookie Rissy”. I replied, “No. thank you”. After she began to thank me for doing the interview, she was eager to begin. She looks like the kind of person you could talk to all day.

Q. Where are you from?
A. “Wadesboro, North Carolina born and bred.”

Q. How was it growing up in North Carolina?
A. “Fine, mid fifties, loving home, and lived with my grand parents for most of my life.”

Q. How is your relationship with your mother?
A. “Fine, I realized that I’m moving toward the position of being a care taker soon. I want to be a comfort as she grows older.”

Q. What is your point of view on education?
A. “Most important thing the United States could provide for our youth and as well as our matured population.”

Q. Do you ever resent being adopted?
A. “No, I don’t because it has made me stronger.”

Q. How was it growing up in the church?
A. “It helped me to understand the importance of obeying authority and to respect others.”

Q. Have you had anything in life you regret and if so what?
A.” Yes, but I can’t discuss all the details.”

Q. How did your life change when you had your second child Marissa?
A. “Since it was 13 years after my first child, it gave me a second win.”

Q. Do you have a strong relationship with your children and if so why?
A. “Yes, because we try to talk things out and we support each other.”

Q. Why do you advocate against HIV/AIDS
A. “It is a preventable chronic condition that is caused by risky behavior more in the African American race.”

Q. What is your personal style?
A. “I like to wear things that are comfortable and stylish.”

Q. Do you hang out with your kids a lot?
A. “Yes and I enjoy every minute of it.”

Q. Do you consider yourself over protective of your children and why?
A. “Yes, because I know there are so many things that can impact them negatively and I want to be a positive resource.”

Q. Have you ever traveled outside the country and if so where?
A. “I have traveled to South Africa as part of Sister Circle of Love with Sheryl Lee Ralph.” (The Actress that played Moesha’s mother in “Moesha’)

Q. If you had One Million dollars would you donate some of it to HIV/Aids research and if so why?
A. “Yes, but it would take more than a million dollars to break the code and find a cure. That is why I advocate about prevention.”

She works almost everyday,
A superb mother,
Empowered advocate
And an entrepeneur...Is there anything this woman can not do?


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