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Kim H.

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

One word Cleaning. Kim H is one who cleans on a daily basics at Elkton School and don’t mind doing so. She cleans bathrooms, hallways, and classrooms and anything else in the school.

Where were you born?
Frankfort Germany

Where did you grow up?
Canby MN

Where did you go to school at?
Elementary and High School Canby MN
Vocational School Marshall College/Watertown LAVTI

How many children do you have?

Are they active in any sports/clubs?
Bobbi-soccer, gymnastics, dance, motocross and 4-H
Cody-wrestling, football, motocross, hunting and 4-H
Dustin-football, basketball, motocross, and hunting

What made you become a janitor?
Lived in White, Tim worked early mornings and so I found a job in white at the School and worked at night. That way we didn't have to get a babysitter. I also like to be around the kids and cleaning is way different compared to cleaning your house.

Did you need any special education to become a janitor?
Not to start out with, but after started working more there are lots of classes and things to learn.

What was the hardest stain you have had to get out of something?
Someone tipped a candle over and had to get wax out of a shag carpet.

How many jobs have you had dealing with cleaning?
Deubrook School, Brookings School, Swiftel and now Elkton School

What the worst part of your job?
When I can’t get something clean!

What is the favorite part of your job?
Being around the kids

Do you like the pay you get?
Yes and the benefits are good.

Do you like your hours?
Yep, I like the early mornings.

Have you always wanted to be a janitor?
Nope, wanted to be a teacher. (Grade school)

Have you ever received any negative perceptions?
Well sometimes it's not a glorious job but I am important and I do things that some others won't.

Who are neater boys or girls?
"Girls locker room is cleaner than the boys"
High school kids are neater than the elementary kids

Does your job ever interfere with your family?
Yes, sometimes as well as some of the hours.

Have you ever had any other job besides janitor?
Yep. Hairdresser, asst. manager at gas station Country Pump and DQ

Have you ever gotten any chemicals on your skin that shouldn't be in contact with your skin?
Yes, got stripper on my hands and made them peel.


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