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Interview Rachael G!

November 25, 2008
By Tiffany Mann BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Tiffany Mann BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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Rachael G. is a very interesting person. Rachael is 13 years old. She is an animal lover and has two pets. A cat named Flannel just turned a year old. He is an orange American domestic medium hair. What a cat! Her dog, Buster, is almost six and is an Aussie Shepherd Mix. Those ones are so cute! Rachael’s favorite sports are horse back riding because she loves to work with horses. She also likes track but only on her own time. “I hate being forced to do running,” she said. In the winter she likes to go sledding with Buster and swimming in the summer. She plays with her cat in the summer outside, because he’s an in door cat.

Going into the pet store and Hallmark are her favorite stores. Hallmark because they have great gifts and gift ideas. Pets stores because she loves to spoil the pets!

Cunfuzzled is one of her favorite words because it is so fun to say. Coolio is her second favorite word because it’s way more fun to say than cool! When she writes she likes to write about animals, and real stories that happened to her and her family.

Her favorite class is band. She plays the clarinet. Her number one rated book is A Child Called It. Her lucky numbers are 24 and seven. Twenty four is one of her favorite numbers because it’s her birthday number. She doesn’t know why seven. Seven is my favorite number too.

I learned a lot, and I hope you learned to see the different things she loves to do. She is a very interesting person to interview. She definitely has a way with animals!

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