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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

“You want to ‘F’ with me, I will ‘F’ with you even worse.” Liz Jorgensen hates immature high school boys and students of the same ilk. She currently teaches writing classes at the prestigious Arrowhead High School along with classes at UW Waukesha.

Liz attended Waukesha South High School and moved on to Marquette University. Her education impressed her with the nominal value of hard work and determination. Her education was remunerated with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Journalism.
She believes high school students lack motivation. Even though the classrooms are decorated with motivational placards, other activities take precedence over learning. Teaching is inhibited when students don’t want to learn. When they skip a class, Saturday detentions and diatribes are issued.
Liz feels like her true calling is at the collegiate level. In college, kids sign up for classes they want to take, and are motivated to learn. “If they don’t want to be there, they can just leave,” she says about college classes.
She is frustrated with the incoherent actions taken by high school students. They do not understand that paying attention in class is an integral part of receiving a full education. Students would rather hang out with friends after school than complete the simple assignments issued each week.

Liz is looking towards the fortuitous event that elevates her career to the colligate level.

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