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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The fortuitous relationship starts with a double date. Elizabeth J sits on a couch, when all of a sudden Shakira comes on the radio. She gets up to dance, asking her date, Ty, to dance with her. Ty declines. But Berry, Ty’s friend during the double date, says “I’ll dance with you.” And here the relationship begins.

Next the group of four decides to play darts. Elizabeth asks, “Who will be my partner?” She assumes Ty will be her partner, but he doesn’t answer. His inhibition of responding accurately leads Berry to answer, “I’ll be your partner.” And as Elizabeth says, “we’ve been partners ever since.”

Ty had been a mere boy she dated casually and Elizabeth knew he was nominal. Although this incoherent double date was merely for fun, the night was turned into a pivotal point for Elizabeth’s future relationship status. Berry was there to complete the missing piece in the integral scene of looking for a serious relationship. Berry is, in a way, remuneration for the lack of enthusiasm from Ty.
Although Ty didn’t diatribe about the situation, and he talked to Elizabeth still, Berry and Elizabeth are continuing to see each other. Berry and Elizabeth enjoy strategy, especially board games or any game of that ilk. They enjoy spending time with each other and she hopes he proposes to her soon.
Double dates are not normally prestigious when it comes to strengthening a relationship. In Elizabeth’s case it brought her to a new relationship that continues to strengthen with time. Imagine a profound relationship which started with a quick phrase-“I’ll dance with you.” This shows with double dates, anything is possible.

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