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January 13, 2009
By Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“I don’t really have talent or sport; I guess you could say I’m just fit for working.”
Shawnee is a 17 year student. Shawnee feels very nominal feelings towards school, but go’s so she can graduate and go off to Waukesha, to peruse her career in teaching English. Shawnee’s parents got divorced when she was 8 year old, her mom doesn’t have a lot of money so, she knows if she wants to make it to college, she has to work and save.
Shawnee works the maximum of 26 hours per week at Panera Bread. Shawnee feels an incoherent connection towards her work. From cleaning, to cooking, to taking care of costumers, Shawnee integrals it all. Shawnee just happens to have a fortuitous, passion for working as much as she does. Yes, at times when Shawnee’s 3 year brother says, “Don’t you want to stay and play with me?” It makes her feel inhibition towards her little brother.
“I definitely consider myself a workaholic.” “I should take more time to do my school work, but I don’t.” Shawnee knows she works more then she should, but her remuneration in the end, will be having enough money to go onto college.
From working a little over a year and not having a placard attitude towards the people she can’t stand, Shawnee will soon be promoted as manager once she is 18. Seeing how Shawnee stuck to something, and grew to love it. It inspires me to continue on doing something I love.
With Shawnee’s positive attitude, and love for her work. Shawnee quotes “I Love being at Panera, I can teach people new things.”

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