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Life and Complications

April 25, 2009
By Anonymous

there are many complications in life, but you are the biggest complication in my life. there are many roads to choose from and right choices. but for some reason i always pick the wrong road, i always pick the wrong thing to do. why is that you might ask? the answer is you, your the reason why i choose the wrong things. your the reason why i chose the wrong road. i cant believe that this happens every time. it seems like you really dont care you tell me you do, but how am i supposed to believe you? how do i know that you are actually telling the truth this time? i guess i will never find the true answer because you lie to me everyday, about how much you love me, how much you cant live without me. but then you go and rip my broken heart into more pieces for me to fix. i look at you and wonder why i put myself through this stuff. i really dont know why i just love you way to much but you dont feel the same way. i hope one day that you will understand how it feels to get your heart ripped to shreds by the same person over and over again. you think you have a complicated life how about you step into the shoes of someone that has had it much harder than you have, much less to live for, you would rather fall off the face of the earth than live the rest of your life. yes people tell you, you have much more to live for but you never believe them you just want to suddenly disappear. god looks down at me and warns me not to end my life because of you, but god can only say so much until you eventually tone him and the rest of them out. so if i end my life because of you then you should be ashamed and come to my grave and fall to your knees to apologize. apologize for being such a inconsiderate and childish person. one day you will look back and remember me and think of the many times that you hurt me, and remember that your the reason of why i ended my life right there.

The author's comments:
Just stuff that I love to write.

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