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Hi my name is: silent

January 22, 2010
By tori_Lou GOLD, Wolfforth, Texas
tori_Lou GOLD, Wolfforth, Texas
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I was always the quiet one. I sat in the back, spoke in whispers, hid behind a book. we all know those kind of people. we think they are nerdy, weird. well, in some cases that's true, but for me, it is hardly the truth.
I don't speak because i learned a long time ago that if you don't speak, people don't get angry. you can't get hurt. I learned that saying the wrong thing can lead to trouble. Too many times people get angry simply because you disagree. people can hurt you for speaking the wrong thing. this is what i have learned.
I think this is what makes me a good writer. my head is filled with thoughts and since i can't speak 'em, i write 'em. It gets frustrating sometimes. living a life of thoughts. I hate that i am too freaking afraid to tell my friends how i feel, what I think we should do over the weekend. I feel weak, stupid. Then i remember why i am afraid.
So when you see someone in the back of the room, looking at their shoes or hiding behind a book, don't assume.

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