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The Fall

February 27, 2010
By theblazingstar101 GOLD, Foley, Alabama
theblazingstar101 GOLD, Foley, Alabama
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There is no worse feeling than the millisecond you realize you're going to die, all because you've tilted the chair back too far. Crap, crap, crap, CRAP! Everything seems to move in slow motion as gravity takes hold of you. You fall to your cruel fate below. Slowly…slowly…slowly…

Down, down, down…it seems like it takes an eternity to hit the ground, the cold, unforgiving surface below…

Down, down, crash! Ow!

And there you are, spread out on the ground, racked with pain, dying…of embarrassment. Your wide-eyed friend stares at you from across the table and bursts out laughing. There are nearly tears in her chocolate eyes as she shakes with laughter. It’s not just her, though. Your childhood crush is there, too, trying to hide the smile that’s creeping over his face and the sparkle in his hazel eyes. “It’s. Not. Funny,” you growl, still on the ground in the school cafeteria.

That’s all it takes, and the whole table is laughing. Then, one of your friends with lake blue eyes extends a helpful hand, a huge smile split across her face. “Oh, God, are you okay?” she struggles to say between her laughs.

You ignore her hand and pick your seat off the floor. Other tables are looking at you like you’re all insane. Now, as you sit, you’re left with a decision. You could get offended that your friends had the audacity to laugh at you. Or you could do what I did. Burst out laughing and exclaim, “Wow. I must have the worst karma! Where did I go wrong?”

Then, you laugh together and smile. Sometimes, ‘dying’ isn’t all that bad.

The author's comments:
I think we all have moments like these, and I feel the only thing to do is grab them and accept them.

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