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His Eyes Met Mine...

October 26, 2010
By ohmyitstigger BRONZE, BETHESDA, Maryland
ohmyitstigger BRONZE, BETHESDA, Maryland
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It was the end of 9th grade, the start of a fabulous summer.
I had been dating Alex for 4 months, and my mind would often be occupied with thoughts about him & I hanging out in the warm summer days. He was my everything, and I was his. And then, it all ended...
We were in science one day, and he would not stop talking to this girl who had recently moved into the area and was in our class. I was okay with that, I'm not the jealous type of person. But by the end of the week, I got a text telling me that he wanted to end our relationship. It was a Friday night, and I had no plans with him that weekend, so I didn't have to see him until Monday.
I went into my room and cried, for at least and hour. I understood that it was only ninth grade, and it probably wouldn't have been forever, but I knew the reason was this new girl. And it made me mad.
I deleted all his texts, and voicemails. I threw away everything that reminded me of him. I thought that I would be fine, and that I could deal with the pain.
But what I didn't realize was that I actually couldn't.
When I went to school the next Monday, I almost couldn't bear it. My friend, Rachel, had helped me get ready because she said if I looked gorgeous, and confident, it would help me get through the day. I doubted that, but I let her do my make-up, hair, and clothes anyway.
I was doing my math, and I looked up. I caught him looking at me, and the second his eyes met mine, he looked away. I never knew how much that would hurt, not having him give me his amazing half-smile, or anything.
I saw him, walking down the hall with his arm around that new girl. I will never like her, and we will never be friends. She was the cause of my pain.
But now I realize he was a jerk, and I feel bad for her. He cheated on me, even after all we had been through. I just hope he doesn't cheat on her, I hope she doesn't feel the pain I did.

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love like you'll die tomorrow.

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