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My Life is like a Movie

October 15, 2012
By emmacxoxo PLATINUM, Chelsea, Massachusetts
emmacxoxo PLATINUM, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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Okay. Okay.

My life is like a movie. Not a Disney movie, or even a Lifetime movie. No. It’s more along the lines of “Rachel Getting Married,” “American History X,” or even “Blue Valentine.” If you have not seen these movies, rent them, but space them out over a few days, or you’ll drown yourself if you watch them all in one day. The plot of my life isn’t the plot of any of these movies, I don’t mean to alarm anyone who thinks I am an American Nazi if you’ve seen “American History X.” I am not the drug addled Rachel, nor am I in a disintegrating marriage similar to that of the one detailed in “Blue Valentine.” No, my life is like no other. And that is precisely why it is similar to these movies.

My life is like a movie. A movie that you cannot stop watching. I would be cliché and say that it is like a train wreck, but truth be told it is more like a derailed train, or a plane that’s be hijacked. Or a movie. My life is a movie that one cannot seem to stop watching. No matter how gruesome it becomes, you cannot take your eyes off the screen. Not in the sense of gore, nor violence. My life is a tragedy, in the classic definition of a tragedy. A tragedy is not by definition an adjective that can be used in describing events such as a house fire or a stabbing. Ignorance is something we feed our children, so this bullshit definition is the one most stand by. No. A tragedy, by definition and I quote: “…depicts the downfall of a noble hero or heroine, usually through some combination of hubris, fate, and the will of the gods. The tragic hero's powerful wish to achieve some goal inevitably encounters limits, usually those of human frailty…” (faculty.gvsu) This definition of a tragedy is not the one many people know, yet it is the genre that the movie that is my life would fit in.

My life is like a movie. I have no desire to describe the events of my life, nor will I on this piece of paper. Those who know me very well will have an idea what I am talking about. The rest of you can use your imagination.

My life is like a movie. A movie that you watch more than once, in order to digest what you have seen. A movie in which the protagonist destroys their life time after time. A movie in which the romantic affairs of the characters shatter, slowly and painfully. A movie where the shards of the romantic events remain embedded in the protagonist’s skin, only to rip open when a new suitor comes along. A movie that has a musical score that almost distracts you, it is so accurate and fitting to the scenes at hand. One or two of you may cry; the best movies make you feel something. The kind of movie that you just sit and stare at the screen at when it finishes, listening to the end score and watching the credits in silence, no words can be uttered.

My movie is not over however.

Let’s see if I can make the ending a comedy. Better yet a romance. Although I never did see “The Notebook.”

Definition of a tragedy

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a memoir, Im hoping it gives people insight into my life through a moviegoer's perspective.

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