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Despite It All Once More

March 27, 2014
By WingsForLily PLATINUM, Columbia, Kentucky
WingsForLily PLATINUM, Columbia, Kentucky
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Think of how boring the world would be if we were all normal

Due to your inability to accept that your idea of freedom, is actually social conforming, makes you not only pathetic, but sad. Despite your cool style, and perfectly sculpted chest, your ignorance of human affairs not only makes you narcissistic, but self involved. Without your merry band of unintelligent monkeys, you have no friends that care for your well-being, and that makes you not only despised, but scorned. Along with your empty promises, your absolute lack of human emotion proves that you are not only as shallow as your personality, but as interesting as low fat vanilla. Now all you are is a social conforming, ignorant, unintelligent, shallow human being that has no ambition for a better tomorrow. I hate you, you self-worshipping douche bag! You pour every drop of your soul into building up a transparent façade, acting offended if others didn't give you 100% attention. I gave you my all. Yet at the slightest mention of my emotional stability, you outwardly explode, using inadequate language, which is offensive to my literate background. You lack personal style, changing with the most popular of trends. Usable to settle, you adhere to the shallow comments of others, if only to gain the useless love of unknown eyes. Despite the relentless hell you constantly put people through, they still come groveling back to you out of self harming pity, afraid you will out into the next millennium. You conformist, die!

I despise your taste of music and cheep knock off skater shoes. The thick musk of your cologne can never disguise the stench of your rotten, perverted personality. How dare you tell me I am one of your closest friends when you can't even set aside one text message that may lower your pretentious hype. You are so proud of your gateway drugs and cheep weed. Inferior highs will never make you one of the 'cool kids.' You pose as the best friend, here to comfort until concrete evidence of human connection comes forth and you flee, only proving the reliability of your poser lies. Don't make me laugh! You curse like a high school girl; the slightest verbal criticism sends you scampering back to your mother in a flood of tears. You claim you embody the fast track, college party life style, but preach morality by the light of the dawning morning, what a hypocrite! Your parents pay for your mediocre grades so you can spend your pocket change on piss poor Burnets and Fire Ball Whiskey to satisfy your pretentious alcoholic groupies. So cheers mate, return to the bottomless void from which you slither and was spawned from. No one needs you, no one wants you, accept it. You repulse me, God!

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