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Beautiful Catilina

March 2, 2009
By Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
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The ocean was a shining turquoise color until a little while farther from the island's boundaries and it went back to dark blue water. The waves washed up onto the shore in white rolls of foam that swiped gently at the sandy golden beach. The clear blue sky echoed the gorgeous summer's day. A warm breeze swept by my face making me smile over the little town below. Sailboats and motorboats lay floating above the water, some moving and some not. Seagulls flew around cawing and soaring over the sky like kings. Children ran around the beach while their parents overlooked them in a beach chair and flip-flops. I looked out onto the small city right at the exact moment the sun hit the streets, and Avalon's glory was shown. Sun bounced off the signs of the little stores and flashed around sending golden sparkles over the streets, leaving the ocean shining a wondrous golden white. The blackberry brambles were a dark luscious green that made my heart fall out of my chest as they looked like they had grown in front of my eyes as the sun hit them. The palm leaves and ironwood trees seemed to become alive and they looked like they were rejoicing from the sun they had so desperately wanted and needed. The poppies and fuchsias glowed every color, and in front of the Casino little light pink daisies blossomed. The slanted buildings below showed off their colors like a color wheel revealing a rainbow. The sight was something that a photographer only dreams about, and I had experienced it.

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