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the unexpected

May 8, 2009
By Anonymous

It was December 18th 2007 and I was in the park with a bunch of my friends. We played some football in the snow and had a good time. We were walking on top of a big hill and we weren’t paying much attention to our surroundings. I started to talk to Harley and the next thing I knew I was on my back going down an ice hill. On my way down I was thinking, “Oh god I’m going to get hurt”. There was a big wooden fence at the bottom of the hill. I extended and locked my leg so it wouldn’t move and I embrace myself for the impact. My leg was locked so tight that that when my foot hit the fence the force traveled up my leg and into my bone. Right when my foot hit the fence I heard a crack. I knew it wasn’t the fence either. I was at the bottom of the hill lying on the ground thinking what am I going to do. I did the best thing I could and stayed calm and tried not to move so much. I yelled for Harley and he raced down the hill, he had to help me limp out of the park.

I called my mom and asked her if she could pick me up out of the park. she said “what happened” I said “I think I broke my leg” she said “ok ill be there as fast as I can”
So my friends and me sat at the edge of the park. When she finally picked me up and Harley got in the car and we drove to the hospital. We waited in the waiting room for a half hour. The whole time I was thinking why was it taking so long. Then I thought to myself if its taking this long for me then there must be a lot more people in the hospital who have it a lot worse off then me. When they finally took me into the x-ray room she had to lay me on they bed and position my leg. When she was positioning it I was in a excruciating pain. When she finally came back with the results she told me I broke my tibia and fibula. I had no idea what those bones were or where they were so I just went along with it and said “well that sucks” and after I got a cast on my leg they told me I would need stay off of it for about four months. So in the mean time I had to find something fun to do.

I think the one memory I remember the most about it all is when my friends Cody and Ian took my crutches and hid them in the Park. I was sitting in Tims and they asked if they could use my crutches I said sure. My friends loved to mess around with my crutches. They walked away to a point when I couldn’t see them. When they came back they said hey hid my crutches in the park. Erin offered to go get them for me but I denied. I hopped there on one foot. It was a very tiring thing for me to do. When I finally got to the park they led me to where they were so I got the crutches back and I walked up to them and hit them with my crutches right in the leg. Everyone including them started laughing hysterically.

I think breaking my leg was a good thing for me because it taught me that I needed to pay more attention to my life because unexpected things could happen at any time and if they do I could end up a lot worse. I’m just glad a broken leg was all I got because it could have been a lot worse

The author's comments:
This was one of the scareyest things that has ever happened to me and it was the biggest life changing experience i have ever had

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