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My City

August 22, 2021
By hobi BRONZE, Houston, Texas
hobi BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Sitting up here on the rooftop, the bright city of Muscat is surprisingly… quiet. Well, not exactly ‘surprisingly’. The city’s been on full lockdown for the past 4 days; COVID’s gotten a bit excited. Every now and then I hear the caw of a lone bird, or the whoosh of warm air cutting past my ears like a whispered secret. 

The lights of a house in the distance go off. Time to dream.

My feet are dangling over the edge of the roof, sweaty palms against the rough white paint concealing the concrete. The humidity is like a warm blanket welcoming even the coldest of hearts. It makes my wild-chlorinated hair poof up like static cat fur. Usually, I would’ve been bothered by this inescapable presence. But today I let it sit there with me, like an invisible buddy I once had a long time ago. It almost feels like an embrace - something I haven’t let myself have in a long time. In these arms, I feel safe. Like I can fully open up my soul. Like I can let go of my strong grip on reality, and just float away and dream forever. 

The white moon is full, casting its light upon the silence. It illuminates the inky black mountains looming around the city - almost as if they’re protecting us from harm, and far east, the seemingly endless void of saltwater. I have learned much about what lies beyond those dark giants, on the other side of the void. And yes, I have heard of the divine beauties that hungrily capture billions of eyes. My eyes happen to give in to many of those. However, I always come back. I always come back to this city. It may be quiet to many eyes. But to mine, it is loud. This city holds my life. It holds my heart. And even if I may eventually leave, my soul will forever stay here. Upon this rooftop, looking over this loud city along with the thousands of bright stars pulsing in the night sky. 

I hadn’t quite realized it - this rushing, bubbly feeling that built inside of me, till now. For the first time in years, I’m fully happy. This is my happiness, my euphoria. My city.

The author's comments:

I wrote this the night before leaving Oman for good. The rooftop was a place I'd usually go to escape life, but that night the atmosphere was completely different. Everything was silent - as if the world was holding its breath. I will never forget that beautiful country and the beautiful people it holds. 

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