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FBI Dream

October 5, 2021
By Dario SILVER, Sacramento, California
Dario SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your dream? What is your dream? To be an astronaut? A doctor? My dream is to be an FBI agent. That probably would have never crossed your mind. I have always wondered what it would be like to be in the agency. As a kid, I would always watch those movies with action and things along those lines, which gave me an interest in this field. Maybe one day I may join the FBI. 

To start I would need to graduate out of high school first. That is one of many steps I need to accomplish in order to meet the requirements. After high school, I would need to attend college and get a Bachelor's degree or higher. This would be the hardest part because to make myself stand out more I would need to know what I want to do in the FBI and go into that type of field in college and I don’t know yet. Remember this is only to get accepted. I still need to pass the physical requirements and tests and whatever other tests they may have. 

In addition to these requirements, I have to reach there are still many steps on the way there. I hope I will have the motivation to reach my dream because without it I will not make it. You can’t do something you don’t want to or look too hard without the drive or motivation to do it. On top of those steps, I need to have at least two years of full-time job. I don’t know where I'm going to fit that while going to college. To make things worse I have asthma which could be the determining factor to me not making it. But I'm not going to let it stop me.

To continue my dream is important because it keeps us safe from bad guys. The FBI keeps us safe by always trying to be ahead of attacks. They investigate, analyze, and work to prevent bad things from happening. It is most important to me because I don’t want more attacks to happen and kill more people. I want to prevent them from happening. For example 9/11 we don’t need another one to happen therefore I want to join the FBI.

It will be a challenging road ahead and I have to prepare for it if I want it to happen. I want to become an FBI agent Which may be up there with some of the most important jobs out there. I hope to accomplish this dream by the time I am 26 years old and if I don’t then maybe I found a different dream to pursue. This is not the most promising job and dream so I may find others along the way. To whoever reads this in the future go and try to accomplish your dream no one is going to stop you if you really want it.

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