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A Scar for the Future

October 14, 2021
By Reideich BRONZE, Ottawa Lake, Michigan
Reideich BRONZE, Ottawa Lake, Michigan
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There I was lying in a bed with tubes and diodes attached to my body. All I heard was Beep after beep on the monitor, the slight drip of the IV, and the talking of nearby patients as I wait for my parents to walk in the room and wish me good luck. The next thing that I remember was the blinding lights and what seemed like an army of people surrounding me. Then I thought my first surgery ever was near and my life would change forever. 

The smell of grass, the heat of the sun, and the gentle blow of the wind combined for what would have been a great day. But for me, the day and the summer would be ruined by one simple mistake. There I was walking with my friends to go to the start of the course, we looked to the left and saw the green expanse of the park at that moment we thought that we should see how far we can throw our disks. I stepped back, ran a few feet forward, twisted my body to the left wound my arm up, and took one final step. That step was a combination of many bad things: the dew on the grass, slippery shoes, and ground that was uneven. POP as I heard this In my mind I saw blackness with the bones of my knee peering out of the darkness and I could see what and how it happened. Then there I was lying flat on my back with the same grass that amazed us now poking through my shirt with bugs crawling and scurrying around my legs.

My friend looked back and questioned what happened. I looked over and saw him walking back to me; he was tall and skinny. He lowered his hand, dirty and calloused from a long day of working and tweaking on cars, to try and help me off the ground. Weeks later after the surgery while I sat there in my living room I felt useless. I realized that when I might feel bored on the couch with my head upside down and the blood rushing towards my head that there is almost always something better that you can do.

As I look down and see my scar I do not see regret or sadness I see a new look on life. One that I now see is how much we take advantage of the simple things in life. For 2 and a half months I could not walk without the help of someone or something and when I was able to walk again by myself it was an overwhelming feeling of freedom and gratification. You never realize the things that you take for granted in life until they are gone.

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