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Luke warm love

December 7, 2021
By whitneykoetter SILVER, Borden, Indiana
whitneykoetter SILVER, Borden, Indiana
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She likes her hot chocolate hot as one would but Iv always made mine cooler. Im scared of burning myself. I drink it slow out of fear itll hurt, even tho it was luke warm. I could tell she didn’t love when id make hers the same way as mine. She was excited for hot chocolate for shes been craving some for so long, craving a connection with someone that she wanted for so long. I got scared and pushed feelings back, I wanted to like her but was scared of getting burned again, getting hurt. I took it slow but felt bad, I knew what she wanted. But still now when I go to make us hot chocolate and we cuddle on the couch sipping it slow, she loves every minute of it and loves me. She likes her hot chocolate hot but for me, she is thankful for the slowly warming, lukewarm hot chocolate.

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